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The Far East Russia Travel Guide

Far EastTo Europeans, the FAr East seems to be a real <<world's end>>. Indeed, there are more than 9,000 kilometers between Moscow and Vladivostoc, and the difference in time from Central Europe is 10 hours! But for local inhabitants themselves or their neighbours from the countries of th Asian-Pacific Region the Far East is not so far. Air connections link the main cities of the region - Vladivostok adn Khobarovsk - to Japan, Suthern and Northern Korea, Thailand and the USA. Tourist ships sail to Japan and the Republic of Korea. Throughout all the territory of the region, the Trans-The Far - East Russian Railway runs, with branch lines to the border and the sea coast.

Far EastThe winter here is cold but dry and amazingly sunny, and therfore extremely healthy. Even the strongest frosts are survived easily because of the dry air. But the best time for travelling here is the second half of July, August and September. The Far East area is located at the same latitudes as Sochi at the Black Sea coast of Russia, so the sun here is as gentle and shines for 180-200 days a year.

Everything is surprising for a European in the Far East. Nature is really stunning because North asn South.

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