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Russia Travel Guide

Moscow Russia's thriving cosmopolitan capital. Once mysterious and closed, Moscow is enjoying a lively renaissance; and fast becoming one of Europe's most interesting and diverse cities. Moscow's rich 855-year history provides a wealth of attractions to its visitors. The imposing 15th Century Kremlin has stood strong against centuries of invasion, war and revolutions. As Moscow expands in concentric circles, the myriad of diverse architectural styles and periods combine to form an eclectic skyline, unlike any other city in Europe.
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Inspired by Peter the Great, St. Petersburg is Russia's window on the westi, and remains the most European of all Russia's cities, preserving its 18th and 19th century architectural masterpieces along all of its central streets and boulevards. Revel in the lively street life full of cafes, open air markets and street entertainment. 
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Trans-Siberian railway (usually called TransSib in Russia) is the world's longest and the most famous train route that goes through Russia. It crosses the whole continent, starts in Moscow, passes through the European Russia, crosses Urals mountains (which separate Europe and Asia), continues into Siberia's taiga and steppes, and finishes in Vladivostok — the Russian Far East coast on the Pacific Ocean. 
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Baikal is a beautiful lake located in the South-Eastern part of Siberia. It is the deepest freshwater lake on the earth and the largest reservoir of fresh surface water. Baikal is famous for unique clarity of its waters and diversity of flora and fauna. Besides, Baikal Lake has been the important holy place of Asia for many centuries. 
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There are 400 kilometers between teh northern adn southern points of the Black Sea soast of Russia, between the Tamansky peninsula on the steppes and teh subtropical resort city of Sochi. From May to October, all the sea resort life of the country concentrates on this rather small segment of th coast. Scores of settelments and small towns, hundreds of hotels, sanitariums (health centres with medical treatment) and boarding houses, millions of holiday-makers from all over Russia and foreign tourists - all make up the Black Sea Coast.
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To Europeans, the FAr East seems to be a real <<world's end>>. Indeed, there are more than 9,000 kilometers between Moscow and Vladivostoc, and the difference in time from Central Europe is 10 hours! But for local inhabitants themselves or their neighbours from the countries of th Asian-Pacific Region the Far East is not so far. Air connections link the main cities of the region - Vladivostok adn Khobarovsk - to Japan, Suthern and Northern Korea, Thailand and the USA. Tourist ships sail to Japan and the Republic of Korea.
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'The Golden Ring' is one of the oldest Russian routes. It goes to the north-east of Moscow and forms a circle. There are many interesting ancient Russian cities and towns along the way, full of history and unique Russian architecture of the XII-XVII centuries. The 'classical' route (counter clockwise) starts from Moscow, goes through Vladimir, Suzdal, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Rostov Velikiy, Pereslavl-Zalesskiy, Sergiev Posad. 
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