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Excursion on wingss tour

One-day excursions by plane to cities in the Golden Ring
(Vladimir,Suzdal,Yaroslavl, Kostroma, etc.)

10:00 Departure for AirportYar Restaurant
11:00 Arrival at airport
11:00-12:00 Instruction on security measures
12:00 Departure to chosen city
12:30 Arrival
13:00 Lunch a a restaurant
12:00-20:00 Excursion program
20:30 Departure to Moscow

The final sumincludes:
• Mini-busandguide
• Lunch
• Entrancetickets

Plane: L-410UVPE (max-15 persons)
VLADIMIR was founded in 1108 on the banks of the River Klyazma. The city was a fortress against invaders from the north-east attempting to conquer the fertile Russians oils. Guests will be told a brief history about Russia's riseto power in the 11th-13th centuries and take non a tour of the keep walls of the famous Golden Gate, the Dmitriyevsky Cathedral, home of ysevolod III, and the 12th-century master piece, the Uspensky (Assumption) Cathedral.

BOGOLYUBOVO is a small settlement 2 km from Vladimir at the mouth of the River Nerl. It was established in 1118 as afortress and Prince Andrey Bogolyubsky'sestate. The Church of Intercession on
the Nerlis linked to a my sterious legend about the creation and development of the Vladimir Principality.

KostromaSUZDAL is a museum city anda veritable treasury of Russian national architecture. It was first mentioned in the chronicles of the year 1024. Suzdal has been preserved as a unique architectural ensemble, displaying over a hundred examples of ancient Russian architecture. Among such monuments are 35 churches, 5 monasteries and 17 chapels.

YAROSLAVL was founded in 1010. The history of the city is closely linked to the names of the Romanov
tsars, Prince Dmitry Pozharsky, Prince Alexander Nevsky and Admiral Fyodor Ushakov.

KOSTROMA was established in 1152 as an outpost of Russia's north-eastern boundary. The layout and architecture of the city is a good example of Russian town planning. The jewels of the city nclude the Church of Resurrection on the Debra, and the Epiphany Cathedral and Monastery.

ROSTOV THE GREAT was built in 862 along the coast of Lake Nero. Towering walls and majestic domes will amaze visitors with their beauty. The many mysterious legends surrounding the area will also captivate guests.

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