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The Circus in Russia Tour

Tours for circus schoo lteachers, students and fans of the circusin Moscow or any other city of your choice.

Yuri Nikulin Moscow CircusDay1
Visit the Yuri Nikulin Moscow Circus (Old Circus) on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Participation in a round-table discussion on"The Role of the Russian Circusin the Development of World Circus Art" with Director Maxim Nikulin (Yuri Nikulin's son), Tatiana Nikulina (Yuri Nikulin's widow), and friends and colleagues of Yuri Nikulin, former director and famous circus and movie star. Visit back stage and to Yuri Nikulin's personal dressing room, feed the circus animals and havey our photo taken with the Nikulins' favourite monkey. See a circus performance (in VI Pbox, if you wish). You can also visit Yuri Nikulin's Restaurant and have your picture taken at his monument near the circus building.

Visit the Circus School. Talk with its director and student son "The Principles of Training Russian Circus Artists", view the School's facilities and equiment and visitother schools of your choice. See the two arenas where rehearsal sare-held in various genres of circusart.

Visit the Great Moscow Circus on Vernadsky Avenue. Take an excursion around the circus and meet the management and artists. See a circus performance.

Visit the Circus Studio of the Children's Centre of Folk Arts. Participate in a round-table discussion on "Various Genres of Circus Art: Working with Children and Youth in Children's Centres of Folk Arts". See a musical and circus performance based on a Pushkin fairy tale, by the Dubra vushka Folk Ensemble. Visit an exhibition of children's art in a gallery.

Yuri Nikulin Moscow CircusDay5
Attend a master class at the Kaleidoscope Circus Studio and meet the management and students. Participate in an initiation ceremony to be come a Honorary Guest of Moscow, St.Petersburg, Chelyabinsk or Irkutsk (an exclusive opportunity to our company) and receive a special diploma on Red Square near the Monument to Citizen Minin and Prince Pozharsky, who saved Russia in 1612, or at a famous site in any of the above-mentioned cities. Photo opportunities.

The Yuri Nikulin Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard was established in 1880. Yuri Nikulin was
its director for many years, and the circus was named after him in 1996, on his 75th birthday.

The Great Moscow Circus on Vernadsky Avenue was opened in 1971. It is the world's largest non travelling circus, with 3,300 seats. The circus is equipped with a unique system designed to change scenery quickly, the only one in the circus world. The circus has held the biannual Yengibarov Open
Competition of Clowns and Comic Art since 1993.

The Circus Art Production Factory is the only one of its kind in Russia. You will see the production facilities and meet the management and skilled workers. You will beable to buy or orderany articleor accessory from among the circus props manufactured at the factory.

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