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Russia Cruise

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Moscow - St. Petersburg Cruise

Duration: 12 Days and 11 Nights

Our Moscow St. Petersburg cruise begins in Moscow and then takes you along the magnificent Volga River onward to St. Petersburg. It is impossible to visit Russia without seeing its two largest cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg. Both these cities are rich in history, art, architecture and the food is pretty good too! By taking a Moscow cruise this summer, a ship can easily link these two great imperial cities of the czars. Moscow has a wonderful heritage of historic buildings and is known as the medieval and 20th century capital of Russia, while St. Petersburg is a dreamland of 18th century architecture and craftsmanship. Besides offering visits to sites of unique historical and architectural interest, our Moscow to St. Petersburg cruises afford a relaxing alternative to traveling by taking you along the Neva River, Lake Ladoga, the Svir River, Lake Onega, the Baltic canal, White Lake and the Volga River.

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St. Petersburg - Moscow Cruise

Duration: 11 Days and 10 Nights

This St. Petersburg cruise to Moscow Cruise is a great combination of ancient Russian cities, famous for their history, architecture and art. Travel along the magnificent Volga River that links these 2 beautiful and historic cities. Port calls include the Russian capital Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kizhi, Goritsy and Uglich. The river cruise ship will take you along the Neva River, Lake Ladoga,the Svir River, Lake Onega, the Baltic canal, White Lake and the Volga River. The beauty of the countryside will make your trip unforgettable. Come to Russia in the summer of 2013 with Soby Travels.

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Volga River Cruise

Duration: 14 Days and 13 Nights

This Volga River cruise gives you a unique chance to see many of Russia’s different regions and to get a feeling for both the south-eastern Russia with its link to the Asia and the Orient and the European, imperial Russia. You will admire the vibrancy of Moscow, enjoy the quiet atmosphere of ancient Yaroslavl and get a feeling for Russian village life as well as have a look at local handicrafts in Uglich and Kostroma. You will visit Nizhny Novgorod, the picturesque old center of the Volga region as well as Kazan and Astrakhan which occupy the former territory of the Golden Horde - all stops are full of history and beauty. While cruising you will sail practically the whole length of the Volga River from the edge of the Caspian Sea to Moscow.

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